Surf Merchants Summit 2014

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Click here for a Recap of the 2014 Summit, including related PowerPoint files.

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Click here for a gallery of photos from the Summit and Dinner.

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As part of our ongoing effort to help you grow your business and market effectively, we have put together a collection of Tough Questions you may field from your clients, and how to respond to them. Click here to view

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SASSIE is more than just a mystery shopping software provider — we're a full-fledged marketing partner, committed to helping you land new business.

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What's Hot 2014

An illustrated guide to SASSIE's latest features

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Reporting Movie

An animated video demonstrating SASSIE's most popular reports

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SASSIE System Brochure

An illustrated guide to SASSIE's feature set

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Generic Info Booklets

Make yourself indispensable to current clients... AND be ready to land new clients in new markets!
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The souce files are available in Adobe InDesign CS5 format if you need to edit specific sections of this brochure. Right-click here to download a zip of these files View PDF (103mb).


Get unbeatably gorgeous shop views with SASSIE Chameleon.

It's Incredi-Flexible! Any Images, Any Fonts, Any Colors.

Select a Theme or Design Your Own!

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Customize Your Clients' Shops with these FREE Add-Ons!


Impress busy executives the instant they log in! These customizable dashboards immediately display critical data with stylish graphics:

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Build your own "SASS-Kit" from these re-brandable marketing materials!



Exceed the boundaries of mystery shopping

Make yourself indispensable to current clients... AND be ready to land new clients in new markets!
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Surveys by phone

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology collects data from customers through a 1-800 phone number.
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Customer Satisfaction polling via the web

Exponentially increase the value of your clients' mystery shopping data by comparing it to direct customer satisfaction polling.
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Automated testing and training

We'll ensure that the shoppers for your locations are well qualified to perform your shops to your standards.
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Data Collection Movie

A quick tour of the various types of data SASSIE can collect

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Program capabilities

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping uses professional evaluators to discreetly report on predetermined aspects of company performance.
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Mystery Shopping + Customer Sat

Exponentially increase the value of mystery shopping data by pairing it with direct customer satisfaction polling for unparalleled insight into your company's performance.
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Stop wasting your employees' time (and your money)! Turn any paper forms into an automated E-Form.
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Audits are an effective observation tool for brand consistency, franchise compliance, pricing accuracy, legal compliance, and more.
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PRISM performance reviews

P.R.I.S.M. Reviews incorporates staff performance reviews and employee satisfaction surveys for a "full spectrum" view of your company.
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SASSIE System Capabilities

A detailed guide to SASSIE's main features. An excellent introduction to SASSIE for your staff.

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